April 1, 2009

Stanley Cup Book Reviews

Pictured above is a pretty rare book. "Stanley Cup" by Larry Bortstein was first printed way back in January 1973 and was sold for just $1.50! I picked this book up in a used bookstore on Vancouver Island. I can't remember where exactly, but I am certain I paid more than the original cover price.

Inside the Stadia Sports publication are a number of interesting if dated stories: The All Time Stanley Cup Team; The Greatest Cup Teams; Never Say Die Leafs Pull A Cup Miracle; Non Stars Scale Heights In Cup Drama; The Ice Ran Red With Blood; The Curse of Muldoon; and Today The Stanley Cup, Tomorrow The World.

I found this book buried in my collection the other day and the cover has inspired me to run a special Stanley Cup books feature here at Hockey Book Reviews.com. Starting tomorrow I will begin reviewing older but usually still available books dedicated to the Stanley Cup.


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