January 9, 2009

Lions In Winter Project Shelved

Amazon and Chapters have listed January 15th, 2009 as the day we get to see the updated and republished Montreal Canadiens classic book Lions In Winter.

Now comes word that we will not be seeing this book anytime soon.

I got this message from a Wiley representative:

"We received notice before the holidays that, unfortunately, Lions In Winter has been cancelled with no immediate plans to pick up the project at a later date. If that should change, I’ll let you know."

Wiley has no further comment. January is an odd time to release a hockey book anyways. Hopefully we will see this project picked up for autumn 2009.

Lions In Winter, written by Chrys Goyens and Allan Turowetz, was released in the mid-1980s in hard cover and in paperback. You can continue to get copies of those versions commonly in used bookstores.


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