November 17, 2008

A To Z Guide To Hockey Terms

Okay. We've all been there.

You get that new girlfriend. And she's a real keeper because she does not mind that you watch hockey games 6 nights a week. She even takes a new found interest in the game. And since she's still more interested in you than the game she is more than willing to get up and get you that cold one while you watch the instant replay of that last off-side call.

There's always a down side to breaking in that new hockey fan. There's all the questions. And the questions are almost always about the game's terminology.

"Why do they call the goalie a butterfly?"

"I don't understand this delayed offside stuff"

Oh, and of course the dreaded "Can you explain icing to me again?"

At least the two-line pass is a thing of the past.

It sure would be handy to have a pocket book full of all these terms. Then you could just give it to your favorite new hockey fan and say "Here, look it up."

Well that's exactly what the Moshansky family has come up with their book A To Z Guide To Hockey Terms.

Brothers Tim, Perry, Sheldon and Travis compiled a comprehensive listing of over 600 hockey terms and phrases. As Hockey Night In Canada play by play announcer Jim Hughson says "The A to Z guide is the perfect companion for new hockey fans and for those who just forgot a phrase or two. And, I might add, (it) seems the ideal book to pass to the friend who asks a question while you're watching the power play."

In addition to serving as hockey's dictionary, The A To Z Guide offers a complete experience. There are lots of historical and fun facts inserted throughout the text. The authors look at some famous nicknames, trophies and awards and referee's hand signals. Artist Kirk Johns contributes some entertaining illustrations.

For more information and to order copies of The A To Z Guide, please visit the Moshansky brothers' website You can also order the second edition at


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