November 30, 2008

I Spy With My Little Eye Hockey

The visual puzzle book I Spy with My Little Eye Hockey, written by Matt Napier with the photography of David Milne, is a fun book that all members of the family will enjoy.

You will undoubtedly find this book in the children's section of your favorite book store or library. That being said, parents will enjoy doing these puzzles with the help of youngsters.

I Spy is a collection of look-alike photographs filled with hockey treasures such as masks, sticks, pucks, trading cards, jerseys, trophies, and so much more. Each seemingly identical photograph is actually quite different. There are many subtle alterations from one photo to the next, and it is the reader's, I mean spyers', job to identify all the changes.

My first thought was this is really cool, but it's not really I Spy. But hey who cares! This book is fun, visually stunning, and informative.

Milne's rich photography is a real treat. Napier, the son of former NHL star Mark Napier, provides a short rhyme scheme for each of the photo sets. He also provides a fun "photo fact" that will teach readers of all age a few things they may not have known about the frozen game. Learn interesting tidbits about sticks, skates, Zambonis and even the Stanley Cup.

My only criticism would be that there is no real way to keep track of all the subtle changes from picture to picture. I mean, you could mark up the book with a pen, but it is too attractive to deface. I know this would add to the cost, but providing some sort of reusable sticky or magnetic arrows to point out all the differences would be nice.

This book, offered by Sleeping Bear Press, would make for a fun Christmas gift.


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