November 27, 2008

The Corporate Blogosphere

We are starting to see the future of blogging in hockey. Organizations like SB Nation, AOL Fanhouse and even The Hockey News are now offering prime writing opportunities to the top blog writers out there. The best part is these passionate bloggers are now seeing a paycheck, and that is long, long overdue.

A few of my regular readers have expressed surprise that I have not joined one of these organizations. There is a simple explanation really. and are very unique blogs, not concentrating on any one team. As a result, my work does not fit into the cookie cutter world of the corporate blogosphere.

So for now I will remain defiantly independent. I try to encourage my readers to make their online purchases at Amazon or via my various links. Aside from Google Ads, the bookstore affiliation is my only real source of off-setting costs associated with the websites. So if you enjoy the sites and are planning on buying some books online, I hope you consider entering Amazon or via my links.

I'm also going to post a PayPal donation button on the site. I would be incredibly surprised to see any donations come in, but if there is any chance occasional reader Ted Leonsis is feeling generous, I wanted to have the donation option open to him!


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