October 3, 2008

NHL Guide And Record Book 2009

It's here! The NHL Official Guide & Record Book 2009, the trusty old book shelf regular is back and bigger than ever.

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I think everyone is pretty much familiar with this book. Team by team rosters and records and coaching histories, followed by season by season records and standings and trophy histories and Entry Draft results. And of course everyone's favorite section is the career playing records of every player in the NHL as well as the prospects in the feeder systems.

It doesn't tend to change too much from year to year. But it remains every hockey stat junkie's dream.

I remember as a kid I would get this book every Christmas. I would devour every edition. Back then I could tell you where every NHLer was born, played their junior hockey and approximately how many goals they scored in any given season.

Those were the days. I have to get The NHL Official Guide & Record Book every year since, mostly for nostalgia's sake.


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