October 4, 2008

Classic Hockey Book: The All-Star Athlete's Cook Book

My friend Jennifer Conway tells us about an unusual find from 1965 at a University book sale:

As I was browsing cookbooks today at my university library's book sale, I discovered The All-Star Athletes Cook Book, published in 1965. It was hard to turn down a book that begins “Hardly a he-man is now alive who doesn't have a favorite recipe – one he likes to call his very own.”


If you continue reading, you'll find out that “these are men's recipes, intended for lusty male palates,” but that's not the only reason I snatched up this book. (I will admit a touch of morbid curiousity though.)

Who knew Johnny Bucyk's special recipe was broiled stuffed lobster? Or that Gordie Howe liked Canadian bacon so much, he made a 5 lb. pot roast recipe with it?

Jacques Plante contributed a recipe that matched his personality and style: a simple trout recipe and potato boulettes, which take patience and timing to get right.

Sadly, these were the only three hockey players in the book. I was hoping for a recipe from Rocket, but no luck. On the other hand, there's recipes from other sports legends. There's Jack Dempsey's “Campfire Style Trout,” Vince Lombardi's “Broiled Deviled Ham Steaks,” and Jerry West's “Sweet'n'Spicy Boneless Pork Butt.”

Pork butt? Canadian bacon roasts?

Men's recipes indeed.


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