September 6, 2008

Robert Munsch Writes A Hockey Book

I will never forget my introduction to Robert Munsch.

He was doing a tour, unthinkably coming to the tiny northwestern British Columbian town of Stewart, right along the Alaskan border. All of the northwest was ecstatic that such big name author was coming to our little neck of the woods.

Amongst the most excited were my girlfriend, who has three girls who grew up reading Munsch classics, and a mutual friend who is an elementary school teacher, and therefore very well aware of Munsch's popularity.

Then I made the mistake of displaying my ignorance and saying "Who's Robert Munsch?"

Don't worry, the two of them chewed me out pretty good on that one. And I've never forgotten the name since.

It turns out he's published about 50 books, Love You Forever being the most famous, and sold a total of over 30 million copies, by far the most sales by a Canadian author of any genre. He is one of the world's best selling children's author.

I think it is pretty safe to say Munsch is going to sell quite a few copies of his newest offering. In Just One Goal (illustrated by Michael Martchenko, published by Scholastic), Munsch uses Canada's national past-time to tell his latest story.

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Just One Goal is a great little story about a girl named Ciara. All she wants is hockey rink on the frozen river so she does not have to go all the way across town to play hockey. Through her own determination, and with a little help from her father, she builds the rink and the whole neighborhood comes out to play. Ciara is quite the local hero!

The only problem is no matter how the teams line up, Ciara's team loses every game all winter long! In the final game of the season she is determined to score the winning goal and pull out a victory for her team, even though the thawing rink finds itself in great danger.

It's a fun little story that I'm sure any elementary school kid will enjoy. After all, it is by the illustrious Robert Munsch, you know!

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