September 20, 2008

New Hockey Books To Paperback

Did you hold out on a hockey book last year, hoping 2008 would bring the paperback release at significant price reduction? Been there, done that!

Here's a look at 2008's new paperback releases:

Gretzky to Lemieux: The Story of the 1987 Canada Cup -

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Gretzky to Lemieux
captures the on-ice drama that led to the historic three-game final, and the stories behind it. Ed Willes adds depth and weight to the games by revealing the rebellion among Soviet hockey stars in the early days of Glasnost and a crumbling Soviet Union; the trouble brewing for Alan Eagleson; the ascendancy of Mario Lemieux; and the end of the glorious Gretzky era in Edmonton.

Packed with interviews of players and coaches, Gretzky to Lemieux tells the full story of the greatest hockey ever played.

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King of Russia: A Year in the Russian Super League - A revealing look inside the Russian Super League by its first Canadian coach.

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Until now no Canadian had penetrated the coaching ranks of Russian hockey, but the year after the NHL lockout, Dave King became head coach of the Metallurg Magnitogorsk. From the beginning, King, Canada’s long-time national coach and former coach of both the Flames and Blue Jackets, realized he was in for an adventure. His first meeting with team officials in a Vienna hotel lobby included six fast-talking Russians and the “bag-man” — assistant general manager Oleg Kuprianov, who always carried a little black bag full of U.S. one hundred dollar bills.

The mission seemed simple enough: keep the old Soviet style combination play on offence, but improve the team’s defensive play — and win a Russian Super League Championship. Yet, as King’s diary of his time in Russia reveals, coaching an elite Russian team is anything but simple. King of Russia details the world of Russian hockey from the inside, intimately acquainting us with the lives of key players, owners, managers, and fans, while granting us a unique perspective on life in an industrial town in the new Russia. And introducing us to Evgeni Malkin, Magnitogorsk’s star and the NHL’s newest phenomenon

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Future Greats and Heartbreaks: A Year Undercover in the Secret World of NHL Scouts - “One of this continent’s master craftsmen of sporting prose” (Sports Illustrated) and three-time National Magazine Award-winner Gare Joyce goes undercover to learn the secrets of NHL scouts.

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Veteran sports writer Gare Joyce realizes a long-held secret ambition as he spends a full season embedded as a hockey scout. Joyce’s year on the hockey beat is a steep learning curve for him; NHL scouts spend each season gathering information on players fighting it out to break into the world of professional hockey. They watch hundreds of games, speak to scores of players, parents, team-mates and other scouts, amassing profiles on all the top contenders. It’s a form of risk assessment–is this young hopeful deserving of a multi-million dollar contract?–and it can be a tough and thankless task. Scouts are ground into the game, picking up nuances of play that even the most committed fan would miss, but they are looking at more than just how well a kid can play. And come the final draft, only a tiny percentage of their full year’s work might matter.

Examining the amount of information gathered on the under-eighteen hopefuls, the scrutiny to which they are subjected, and the differences between the rigour of American and Canadian junior teams, Joyce opens a window on the life and methods of an NHL scout and penetrates the mysterious world of scouting as no one has before.

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Walking with Legends: The Real Stories of Hockey Night in Canada

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One of hockeys greatest and most well-connected television executives, Ralph Mellanby, recalls his relationship with some of the most influential individuals, from players to coaches to managers to owners and even those who ran the NHL. Mellanby left his mark on the game and writes about others who have also gained fame and fortune working in the game that they love hockey.

Includes five sections on 25 of hockeys biggest names and two of the greatest events in hockey history, the 1972 Summit Series and the 1980 Winter Olympics.

From the decision makers: Clarence Campbell; Gary Bettman; and John Zeigler to the brass: Scotty Bowman; Pat Quinn; Glen Sather; and Cliff Fletcher to the ice men: Bobby Orr; Wayne Gretzky; Gordie Howe; Bobby Hull; and hundreds others, Mellanby knows them all, has worked with them all, and recounts his experiences in his mind-blowing and entertaining memoir.

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McCown's Law: 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments - New Edition - With 5 New Arguments!

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Hockey’s most controversial authority gives you everything you need to know to be Canada’s best-informed armchair coach.

Sports talk-radio personality Bob McCown knows what he’s talking about, and he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. Depending on your own strongly held opinions, some of Bob’s will have you cheering in agreement while others will tempt you to throw the book out the window (if you weren’t enjoying the damn thing so much). McCown’s Law will be fuelling and informing heated discussions at the bar for years to come.

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The Complete Hockey Dictionary: Over 12,000 Terms, Words and Phrases Defining the Game of Hockey

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Never before has the language of hockey been documented in dictionary form in one all-encompassing volume. From early terms to contemporary, The Complete Hockey Dictionary is the most inclusive and original publication ever undertaken, an authoritative and entertaining reference book to the games long and evolving use of English for its own purpose.

The Complete Hockey Dictionary is not an almanac or encyclopaedia. It is a place where the language of the game is defined and celebrated, often to humorous effect. What is incorporated within this hefty tome are the words and flavour of the game, the language used to describe and develop hockey from its pre-puck origins in Egypt five thousand years ago right up to the present language used by today's most recognized and respected broadcasters.


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