September 14, 2008

More 2008 Hockey Book Previews

Here's a look at some new hockey books to hit the pre-order listings online:

Now You Know Hockey: The Book of Answers - From The Publisher - As Canadians, we all think we know hockey inside and out, but Doug Lennox, the head referee of Q&A, delivers the score on everything from All-Stars to Zambonis and stickhandles the skinny on who wore the first mask in hockey, how the term hat trick originated, and just where hockey was invented. Along the way, you''ll discover all sorts of fascinating things about the giants of the game, from Jean Beliveau and Sidney Crosby to Gordie Howe and Alexander Ovechkin.

Hockey Player For Life - From The Publisher - "The point is, and I learned this a long time ago before I could let other things into my have the opportunity and the chance to play hockey, anywhere at anytime meant the world to me. To be playing the game with my friends on the ice, in a parking lot or in someone's backyard or basement whether it was in the dead of winter or on a warm summer's night, it made me feel alive and it gave me the idea that I could do anything if I put my my mind to it and worked hard enough. It nourished my soul and fed my brain. I am a hockey player for life." Excerpt from Hockey Player For Life

IIHF Top 100 Hockey Stories of All-Time: Official International Ice Hockey Federation Publication. In 2008 the IIHF celebrated it's centennial. As part of the celebrations they had an online countdown of the Top 100 hockey of all time. It looks like they simply took the online content and slipped it into book form. The countdown was really dragged out so perhaps this book will serve as a better collection of memories.

Legendary Stanley Cup Stories Brian McFarlane spent his professional career -- 25 years -- as the face of hockey, calling games for millions of viewers and interviewing its many greats. This book revisits those heady days with colorful, candid stories told with McFarlane's trademark enthusiasm. The author covers the highs and lows, the stunning stats and comic collisions. In the process, McFarlane gives readers a lively history of the last three decades of Canada's favorite sport.

The Ultimate Book of Hockey Lists Another new book from The Hockey News. This one is simply a collection of lists and top tens and all sorts of goodies designed to get you talking about the book!

The Hockey News had a top ten sneak peak from the book a few weeks back on their website.

Fighting for Gold: The Story of Canada's Sledge Hockey Paralympic Gold - Canada is internationally recognized as a leader in men''s and women''s hockey - but in 2006 Canada had yet to conquer the world of sledge hockey, the Paralympic version of ice hockey played by athletes with a physical disability in the lower part of the body. The Canadian Men''s Sledge Hockey team came into the 2006 games as underdogs. Yet, through determination, guts and guile, they overcame all obstacles to win gold.

The China Wall - As a youngster, Johnny Bowers father told him if he worked hard every day and put passion into his profession, it would pay off in the long run. It was good advice, especially the part about the long run. Bower toiled in hockeys minor leagues for more than a decade, waiting for his chance at the big leagues and it wasnt until he was 33, an age when most players are winding down their careers, that he finally debuted in the NHL.Expected to be a stop-gap measure for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Bower instead became an institution in the city, tending goal for the club for the next 12 seasons, backstopping the Leafs to four Stanley Cups, the last one coming when he was 42-years-old. Bower appeared in four NHL All-Star Games, won two Vezina Trophies, and earned enshrinement to the Hockey Hall of Fame.Bower was 45-years-old when he played his last NHL game on December 10th, 1969, becoming the first player in NHL history eligible to collect his pension while still on the active roster of a league club.Bowers story is more than just a tale of a man who defied Father Time and rated among the greatest puckstoppers of all time. Its about a boy who grew up in the small northern Saskatchewan town of Prince Albert, listening to Foster Hewitts call of Hockey Night in Canada on the radio, dreaming that someday he could emulate Frank Brimsek, the famous Boston Bruins goalie nicknamed Mr. Zero.


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