September 30, 2008

Hockey Player For Life by Howard Shapiro

Howard Shapiro returns with the new book Hockey Player For Life

Shapiro, who wrote Hockey Days in 2007, continues the story of 13 year old Tom Leonard. This book is a full juvenile novel, offering 127 pages of Tom's youthful dreams of big league hockey.

In this story Tom gets invited to try out with an all star junior team in Toronto. That can only mean the NHL is not far away, right?

Well, not exactly. While his dream may not have played out like he wanted to, Tom learns more several important lessons of life from his mom and dad and best friend Terry. Through these lessons he learns what it truly means to be a hockey player for life.

It is these lessons of life that are the true value of Shapiro's offering. The message and morals passed on in this book will be eagerly welcomed by any parent looking to give their kids a Christmas gift of quality reading. The book is aimed at the 11-15 year old demographic.

The book features a touching forward from former Philadelphia Flyers captain Keith Primeau. The book is also strongly endorsed by ESPN's John Buccigross and Growing Up Hockey author Brian Kennedy.

Shapiro's Hockey Player For Life website is also excellent, and offers this interesting "speed painting" YouTube promotional video

Shapiro is equally passionate about writing for children as he is about hockey. He's got a great product and message here. I would highly recommend this book for the aspiring hockey hero in your family.

There's a good chance you parents/former aspiring hockey heroes out there will quite enjoy the fast read, too.


Anonymous,  March 17, 2009 at 12:43 PM  

Great review! I actually interviewed him on Big Hair Hockey Talk Show on blogtalkradio about the book. Keep up the reviews and I love your new site.

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