September 21, 2008

Bargain Books At Chapters

There's a number of bargain hockey books available in the 80% off bins at Chapters, Canada's largest bookseller.

Now available at bargain books section is 2006's smash hit Searching For Bobby Orr by Stephen Brunt.

Brunt provides the definitive if unauthorized biography on one of the sport's biggest names.

This book was the hit of the 2006. Now you can get it for just 10 bucks!

Going To The Net by Al Strachan is now available for just 7 bucks.

Players and coaches of genius come along; rules and tactics and strategies evolve; careers ebb and flow. And the best way to see how the game changes is to look at the goals, the events that led up to them, and the way they change hockey history. From Canada’s ultimate hockey insider comes the lowdown on the personalities, the dressing-room banter, the chalk-talk, the sweat-stained passion behind eight of the goals that changed the game.

There are moments in hockey history that matter even more than the question of who won or lost, when a single goal can tell us about the game itself.

Chapters has Kevin Shea's Lord Stanley: The Man Behind The Cup reduced to clear. This hard cover book, co-authored by John Jason Wilson, was originally listed at $35, but is now just $4.99.

Everyone in Canada knows the Stanley Cup. Now it is time to learn about Stanley himself, the man who gave us hockey's most holy grail. It is a surprisingly thorough and intense read.

The book is slated to come out in paperback in October 2010. But even the paperback will be twice the price of this offer. Treat yourself to the hard cover for just 5 bucks.

Click on the
Chapters link and either search for the title or browse the 80% off books outlet shop.

The Canadian Hockey Atlas - Original jacket price was $60, now it's on for just $12.99!

A unique celebration of Canada’s game in all its variety, this beautifully made book is the definitive guide to hockey from sea to sea to sea.

Part encyclopedic reference source, part mesmerizing history, The Canadian Hockey Atlas is a beautifully illustrated look at hockey from a completely new perspective. Organized into 11 chapters by province and territory, with over 1,000 player entries complete with listings of every hockey town and city, this book shows through history, stories, and memorabilia how the game’s wildly different local and regional strands come together into the pastime that defines Canada.

There are a thousand colourful Roger Neilson stories - and players, owners, coaches, and his many friends share the best in Wayne Scanlan's Roger's World

Chapters has this book reduced to clear for just $4.99 CDN. It is eligible for iRewards savings and for free shipping.

It's a good book about a great man. And at 86% off, it's a great price!

The Power Of Two One of the most compelling figures ever to lace on a pair of skates, Carl Brewer was a gifted skater and stickhandler, renowned for his ability to control the pace of a game and to goad opponents into costly errors. His talents made him an NHL all-star and one of the cornerstones of a Toronto Maple Leaf dynasty. But he was also a loner playing a team game, a free spirit in an era when players were expected not to make waves. Teammates and management alike wrote him off as an eccentric, an enigma. At what should have been the peak of his career, he abandoned the game, embarking on a lifelong search for meaning in his life. Along the way he met Susan Foster, and together they would discover that purpose. The Power Of Two tells the story of how Carl and Susan successfully battled the hockey establishment over the issue of player pensions. Together they uncovered fraud, corruption and betrayal of trust, ultimately helping bring down the powerful Alan Eagleson. The Power of Two also provides intimate insights into Brewer, who was aptly remembered as a "magnificent, misunderstood fanatic," and his enduring bond with the life partner and ally whose tireless support he depended on.

Celebrating The Game: Photographs From The Bereswill Collection. The photography of the Bereswill Collection at the Hockey Hall of Fame is the star of this show. Super-author Andrew Podnieks provides a great text with fascinating tidbits of information. Pat Lafontaine offers up the book's foreword.

Hockey's Golden Era: Stars Of The Original Six - Mike Leonetti takes a brief look at most of the biggest names of the Original Six days. The book is blessed with the photography of Howard Barkley.

At $4.99 this is a steal of a deal for the hard cover original book from 1998

World of Hockey: Celebrating a Century of the IIHF - From its humble beginnings in France in 1908 to the centennial World Championships in Canada in 2008, the International Ice Hockey Federation has represented a remarkable rise in popularity of international hockey. It began as a federation which claimed six members in its first year and has grown to boast a membership that today stands at 63 nations playing dozens of tournaments annually. World of Hockey is a celebration of the game and its growth, from the early days when Canadas amateur teams routinely won by scores of 30-0 to a game in which many nations can win Olympic gold and many more compete at a high level. It is a book that traces the development of the game and its players as well as the IIHF itself. It shows a game that started as men only but now includes a full womens program in which more than two dozen nations compete every year at a variety of levels. The book is accompanied by an appendix including all results and rosters from the 72 world championships played to date.

Zamboni by Eric Dregni is 128 page hardcover book covering the entire history of hockey's most famous machine. The book honours inventor Frank J. Zamboni, offering a fun-filled history of "machine-age ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit that forever changed the nature of sports on ice." The book is officially licensed by Zamboni which allows for a wealth of material from the Zamboni archives. There's a complete history of the machine's evolution to entertaining sidebars and dozens of amazing photographs.

It's only $4.99 now at folks. A great pick up.


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