July 19, 2008

2008 Hockey Book Preview: 100 Greatest Canadian Sports Moments by James Bisson

The book: The 100 Greatest Moments in Canadian Sports History , Hardcover, 160 pages
The Author: James Bisson
The Publisher: Wiley
Release Date: September 10, 2008
Pre-order: Amazon - Chapters

Book Description
A good sports debate is easy to find. Every city and town in Canada has hosted lively discussions about which teams made the best moves at the trade deadline. Phone lines burn by the second as friends bicker over who was the greatest of all time. Blogs and discussion forums explode to life when a blockbuster trade is made, or a world record is set.

From every corner of the country, they bleed their teams’ colours, dissecting every transaction and highlight, living and dying with every run or goal scored. They come from all walks of life, from the largest metropolises, and the tiniest hamlets. They are of every race and ethnicity, man, woman or child. But when they enter the arena, they are all sports fans. They all have a voice, and an opinion. And they’re begging for someone to challenge them.

This book will engage Canadian sports fans in the ultimate debate.

The 100 Greatest Canadian Sports Moments will be, first and foremost, a thorough collection of the most celebrated events the country has ever seen. It will provide Canadians with a rare opportunity to see contemporary heroes like Cindy Klassen share the spotlight with classic Canadian icons like George Chuvalo. It will also include fresh new perspectives from the athletes themselves, as well as those whose lives were touched by the performances they witnessed.

It’s a wonderful way to shed light on Canada’s most memorable sports achievements. But there’s more: the achievements are ranked. Cue the debate.

With the help of a panel of Canadian sports personalities -- including renowned sports broadcaster Chris Cuthbert, national sports columnist Stephen Brunt and reporters from TSN, The Score, the National Post, the Toronto Sun and The Canadian Press -- Canada’s top 100 sports newsmakers have been forged in place, from #100 all the way down to #1. It’s a collection certain to have both casual and die-hard sports fans in agreement -- or argument!

This book will feed the hunger Canadian fans have for more -- more animated discussion and healthy debate, more information about some of our country’s most storied achievements, and more from-the-heart testimonials from the architects of these fabulous stories.

And most of all, it will get everyone talking -- from coast to coast.

About The Author
James Bisson, of Toronto, Ontario, is a reporter-editor for The Canadian Press news-wire service. He was written for over 100 Canadian newspapers, covering over a dozen different types of sports including NHL hockey, NBA basketball, Major League Baseball, CFL football, PGA golf, auto racing, Canada summer and winter games, and WWE Wrestling

Joe's Note
This book promises controversy because that is how books like this sell. One would expect hockey to be frequently represented, but sometimes books like this push out the big boys in an effort to look intelligent.

That being said, I would hope spots #1 and #2 would be between the 1972 Summit Series and Terry Fox's Marathon Of Hope.


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