April 17, 2008

Trevor Linden Autobiography Coming?

Trevor Linden, said to be quite the book enthusiast, is supposedly considering writing an autobiography, hints Vancouver Sun columnist Greg Douglas

"Already there's been talk of a Trevor Linden autobiography among the literary establishment, but Sun columnist Iain MacIntyre believes it will still take some time for the passion to die down following the emotional fans' farewell of last week before Linden decides what direction he might want to travel. MacIntyre's opinion matters because he would be a publisher's first choice to write a book with Linden. The two long ago established a relationship built on trust."

By now you all know Linden is a personal favorite of mine, and I'd be first in line to get this book. But Linden is a very reserved person who would never step people's toes, which of course is a tactic used by many self-biographers to sell books. I highly doubt Linden would give us the juicy truth about the 2005 CBA/lockout, about Mark Messier, about Mike Keenan or about Alain Vigneault. In other words, I'm not expecting what I'd like to see.

No doubt a Linden autobiography would be a best seller, especially in Western Canada. Maybe Linden can somehow arrange part proceeds of book sales going to Canuck Place or some other charitable organization.


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