November 7, 2007

Aykroyd Interviews Willes About Canada Cup Book

My buddy Lucas Aykroyd over at Hockey Adventure interviewed Ed Willes about his new book Gretzky to Lemieux: the Story of the 1987 Canada Cup, published by McLelland & Stewart.

Here's just an excerpt:

What were the most surprising and enjoyable discoveries you made during your research for Gretzky to Lemieux?

What stayed with me is the impact this event had on the players and coaches who took part, and that includes Gretzky, Lemieux, Mike Keenan, Igor Larionov–everyone. James Patrick was a fringe player on Team Canada, but he told me about sitting on the bench for over an hour in Game Two, then getting thrown out in overtime and facing a two-on-one against Larionov and Krutov. I checked it out against the tape and, sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Gretzky could recall individual moments from those games with remarkable clarity. Rick Tocchet told me he’s kept tapes of the games, and when he needs a confidence boost, he watches them.

Read Lucas Aykroyd's full interview at Hockey Adventure


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