October 29, 2007

The Great Hockey Book Giveaway Trivia Contest!

Hockey Book Reviews.com is announcing the first ever Great Book Giveaway Contest.

I will be giving books away to entrants in my trivia contests. To win, you must answer all trivia questions correctly. If multiple contestants answer all questions correctly, then the winners name will be drawn out of my well worn 2006 World Junior Championships hat.

I'm going to start this off by giving away a copy of Jeff Rud's Canucks Heroes: Vancouver's Hockey Legends. You can read the review here.

To win the book, contestants had to correctly answer 5 Vancouver Canucks trivia questions. 98 people entered, with 15 getting all 5 questions correctly. I put those 15 names into my sweaty, well worn 2006 WJC ball cap, and drew the name of Barry McLaughlin of New Westminster, British Columbia. Congratulations Barry!

Here are the trivia questions, now complete with answers.

#1. This Vancouver Canuck was nicknamed "Ox." - Roman Oksiuta

#2. During the 1982 Stanley Cup finals run, Curt Fraser and Stan Smyl played with this centerman. - Thomas Gradin

#3. The Canucks have had 4 sets of brothers to play for the team at the same time. Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Russ and Geoff Courtnall are the obvious ones. John and Larry Gould were the first. Name the other set of brothers to play for Vancouver. - Dave and Jack Capuano, but bonus points to Russell Fraser who identified pre-NHL Canucks brothers Andy and Frank Bathgate. I accepted the answer because the question did not specify it was NHL only.

#4. Who am I? At 8 years old I was vacationing in Bulgaria when Soviet tanks rolled into Prague. Instead of going home, we fled to Canada. I learned English and Hockey when I arrived in London, Ontario. - Rick Lanz

#5. This player once sought world renowned hypnotist Reveen to solve his 37 game goalless drought. Who is he? - Rosie Paiement

Email me all trivia answers at teamcanada72@gmail.com . Contests closes November 10th, 2007.


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