September 4, 2007

THN Releasing Top 60 Since 1967 Book

Back in August I created my most popular and most controversial posts when I was asked to name the greatest 36 players of all time.

One of the feedback suggestions that came my way was to forget about players prior to 1967. A precious too few are first hand experts on most of these players, and the differences in eras made the task as unfair as it was nearly impossible.

The Hockey News is taking this approach in the September 18th, 2007 book release The Top 60 Since 1967.

Here's the official press release from Random House:

The Hockey News magazine has, for over sixty years, delivered the authoritative word on the premiere puckhandlers of our generation. In The Top 60 Since 1967, they’ve assembled a panel of experts to celebrate the top 60 players of the NHL in the modern era of hockey — the 40 years since NHL expansion. A detailed analysis accompanies each player, along with photos and statistical charts. Will Wayne Gretzky trump Bobby Orr for the number one position? How does Mario Lemieux stack up? And what about Patrick Roy, Phil Esposito, Sidney Crosby? Find out how the game's leading minds rank the greats of the past forty years.

Oh, by the way, the panel of experts is comprised of Harry Neale, Jim Rutherford, Jacques Demers, Brian Burke, Cliff Fletcher, Al Strachan, Kevin-Paul Dupont, and THN regulars Mike Brophy, Ken Campbell, Adam Proteau and Jason Kay.

Get your $25 ready, this is an early must have for us hockey book enthusiasts.

If you're more interested in the current and arriving generation, don't worry. On October 2nd, THN releases Hockey's Young Guns by Ryan Dixon and Ryan Kennedy.


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